Meet Vilim Pilas

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Vilim Pilas


Get to Know Me

Vilim joins The Sebastien and Daniel Alliance with a blend of backgrounds in advisory,  investment and corporate banking, finance and personal training. Having previously worked and lived in his native Croatia and then Austria, Belgium and finally DC where he calls home, he will put all of his professional experiences and reinventing skills into making your real estate dream into reality.

Apart from enjoying his work in real estate, in his spare time Vilim is a keen gardener and enjoys rowing, bouldering and cooking.


Work With Us

At The Alliance, we don't simply buy and sell homes, we create a lifestyle designed exclusively by you and for you. Our guiding belief? That everyone should feel empowered to be their authentic self at all times—including us!—and that it all starts with the place you call home. That's where we come in, although it's certainly not where it ends, because here's the thing: Whether we're providing market insight and staging tips, or swapping style inspiration over rosé, you can count on us to get to know the real you, and to set you up for a lifetime of real estate success. And the best part? Once you work with us, you're a part of the team, too.